Stained Oak

Elite Slab Painted or Stained Oak
February 7, 2020
Chelsea Supermatt Cashmere
February 17, 2020
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Stained Oak is a modern slab door manufactured from 18mm MDF and is over veneered in full crown Knotty Oak and edged in 2mm solid edging.

The face side is then brushed to further enhance its grain structure, and then cross scratched for a beautiful designer finish.

Can be supplied as a complete kitchen or feature units to a painted kitchen.

Standard and made to measure doors, together with accessories

Avaliable in eight stained finishes.

Description: Slab – cross scratched
Finish: Knotty oak veneer – cross scratched*
Frame material: MDF
Door thickness: 18mm
Edge colour: As face
Reverse colour: Different grain structure from face**

*Veneers are randomly selected and therefore, each door will be different in grain structure and can have variation in colour.
There will be a variation in grain structure from door to door, with light and dark areas merging to enhance its realistic appearance.
The application of a stain will usually emphasise this variation. **The door has an A side and a B side, each side having a noticeable grain difference.


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